About Us

About Us

Professional Pro ERP

The Professional Pro ERP systems were launched in response to the needs of the market and the diverse business needs of financial and accounting programs that organize and assist in managing and making appropriate decisions for managers and officials of various business sectors.

Professional Pro ERP is one of the most important, oldest and best accounting and financial programs. Thanks to God, Information and Software Co. Ltd. has become one of the first pioneers in this field. The company offers its clients complete services in software and information technology. Achieving satisfaction for all our customers …

  • More than 15 years experience
  • More than 400 happy customers and completed projects
  • We are in 20 cities around the Arab world

Our Morals

Quality: We are committed to the concept of total quality in all our work and services provided
Customer satisfaction: We measure our success through the satisfaction of our customers, as it is a goal we seek and a goal we seek.
Credibility: Clarity and adherence to our promises and responsibilities are a principle we do not deviate from.
Perfection: precision and perfection to meet our customers’ renewable needs and achieve our long-term vision.
Privacy: The basis for the superiority of our services is our accurate understanding of our customers’ requirements, and we realize that their trust is our most important priority by maintaining the confidentiality of their information and data.

Our Vision

Leadership in financial and administrative programs and making distinguished technical solutions that shorten time, effort and cost.

Our Letter

Providing software and technical solutions through a group of highly qualified experts to achieve outstanding success for our customers according to a relationship based on permanent partnership, which will reflect positively on the national economy.

60Experienced Employee
15Year of Experience
20System in Service
400Customers we are Proud

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